Trinity 2015

If you had a Bible in your pew, you could look high and low and never, ever find the phrase “Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.” You wouldn’t find the word “Slovak” mentioned either, what you would find mentioned is that solitary word that is so often abbreviated in church titles-look at the banner on the wall and you see it: “Holy Cross Ev. Lutheran Church.” Continue reading Trinity 2015

Exaudi 2015


toto-i-ve-got-a-feeling-were-not-in-kansas-anymore  When the tornado hits that sepia-tinted town where Dorothy lived, she runs to the storm cellar, but she can’t get in. Not knowing what to do, frightened, bewildered, Dorothy and Toto go into her bedroom where a window sash is blown loose by the twister, knocking Dorothy unconscious. The house is lifted up in the vortex, swirling faster and faster; just as suddenly…the house falls to the ground. Cautiously looking out the door of the house, Dorothy is amazed to see a world of color all around her, a world of strange flowers and as she’ll soon come to find out, a world of even stranger people. Looking down at her dog, Dorothy famously said: “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Continue reading Exaudi 2015

Dads as Pastors

I’m not certain that pastors make the best dads; though many of my friends celebrate fatherhood-as do I-I just wonder if being a pastor creates a sense of artificiality that other vocations don’t. It seems to me that the potential for the priesthood to turn dads into family hypocrites (at best) and tyrants (at worst) is tremendous, for frustrations within the parish have the nasty habit of exploding within the family of the pastor, and to whom shall he turn? Even the scent of “pressure” is often enough to cause a District President to want to “help.” Continue reading Dads as Pastors

The Twilight of Christology

Christology is simply no longer viable for the political church; it has become incompatible with a populist-style of morality that is better applied to bumper-stickers than given the name of “Christian,” and it has nothing in common with the civil language of “rights,” which has become the new Liturgy of the church. If in fact it is true that people are shaped to a degree by a liturgy, then we are all well on our way to an increasingly obscene worship of that goddess we know as Liberty. Continue reading The Twilight of Christology

Cantate ’15: “Fire”

Ever go to a dinner and hope the person you’re seated next too isn’t, you know, “odd”? I mean we all like to sit next to people we can have a conversation with, maybe have some shared experiences with, talk about kids, family, work, share with, you name it. This used to happen to me all the time, only I was the guy everyone hoped would sit somewhere else: I’d go to Circuit Meetings and no one would sit next to me. Continue reading Cantate ’15: “Fire”